Prepaid card top up

Prepaid card top-up

To top up your prepaid card you have to buy a paper voucher from an A1 store or one of the distributors.

Scratch the cover of the voucher code in the specified place. After that you choose:
  • You can insert*100* voucher code# and then press the dial button. After a successful top-up you will receive an SMS confirmation. The service is free of charge and is activated automatically for all customers.
  • You can dial *88(main menu) and follow the top-up instructions.
After this your account is topped up and valid for the period of the new voucher. All settings are maintained. A call to*88 is charged 0.18 BGN VAT incl. per call.

Other ways to top-up

Top-up amount5610153060
Quick Top From 6 BGN up to 100 BGN, rounded to 1 BGN
- 6 BGN 10 BGN 15 BGN - -
Via ATM or online
- 6 BGN 10 BGN 15 BGN 30 BGN 60 BGN

*The free SMS to 1616 is an alternative and fast way to top-up your prepaid card. It can only be sent by a number that has had a monthly subscription contract with A1 for at least 3 months prior to that and the topped up amount will be added to the customer’s next invoice. The SMS text has to be in the following format: 08XXXXXXXX,YY, where 08XXXXXXXX is the number of the card the customer wants to top-up and YY is the amount for topping up - 6, 10 and 15 BGN. The card can be topped up via SMS to 1616 only once in one hour and up to twice in 24 hours.

Validity of the prepaid card and current prepaid card availability

As of 27.04.2015 the topped up availability validity (6 BGN or more) is 90 days.

Validity period
When activating the prepaid card after 27.04.2015 When topping up the Prepaid card (with 6 BGN or more) after 27.04.2015
Prepaid card 396 days 396 days
Current availability 90 days 90 days