Prepaid Mobile Internet

You’re free to surf wherever and whenever you choose, from anywhere in Bulgaria. Simply get A1 starter pack for prepaid mobile internet – without registration, without any contracts or monthly fees.

Standard starter pack price – 50 BGN

Promotional starter pack price, from 09.05.2019 – 40 BGN

Starter pack for prepaid mobile internetIncluded trafficValidity of the included traffic

Initial conditions upon the card activation

50 GB

30 days

All prices are VAT incl.

Card activation

  • Insert the SIM card in your device.
  • The card is activated by starting a data session.
  • 50GB are initially included in the prepaid card
  • With each recharge, depending on the top-up amount, the card receives the MB for use within the A1 network in Bulgaria:
Top-up amountRecharge fee depending on the top-up amountIncluded traffic in MB after each rechargeValidity of MB

BGN 6 – 9

BGN 6.00

2 000 МВ

30 days

BGN 10 – 29

BGN 10.00

5 000 МВ

30 days

BGN 30 or more

BGN 30.00

20 000 МВ

30 days

  • For MB usage, a charge fee is automatically deducted from the available amount on the card at each recharge. MB will take effect within 2 hours of recharging the card (after receipt of a confirmatory SMS) and shall be valid for 30 days as from the date of recharging
  • Register for free and go to Residential customers > My A1 > My Services. In the updated menu you can check details what bonuses and availability you have.
  • All prices are in BGN, VAT incl.
  • The card can be used within A1 Bulgaria network only.
  • Price per MB exceeding the prepaid traffic – 1.54 BGN.
  • SMS sending service is not supported.
  • Charging method – per 20 KB.
  • 1 МВ (Megabyte) equals 1024 KB (Kilobytes)

Additional packages for A1 Prepaid Mobile Internet Cards

Add-onsPrepaid mobile internet
 1000 MB
Prepaid mobile internet
2500 MB
Prepaid mobile internet
9000 MB

Add-on price

5.99 BGN 9.99 BGN 29.99 BGN

Included traffic

1000 MB 2500 MB 9000 MB

Traffic validity

10 days 20 days 30 days
  • The add-ons can be activated by entering our free of charge A1 menu by dialing *123#, via My A1 App or by registering at The price of the add-on is deducted from the current balance of the A1 Prepaid card.