A1 Universal Extra

Prepaid Starter Pack


You get 200 minutes to all national networks, 200 A1 Bulgaria mobile minutes and 4000 MB!

Upon activation of the prepaid pack Universal Extra you will receive the following bonuses:

  • 200 national minutes
  • 200 A1 Bulgaria mobile minutes
  • 4000 MB mobile internet
  • 30 days validity of minutes and MB
  • 1 BGN initial credit
  • The conditions are valid upon activation of the card until 30.09.2018.
  • Universal Plus tariff plan
  • Activation bonuses take effect no later than 2 hours after activating the Prima card (after receiving SMS notification) and are valid for 30 days.
  • The initial credit is valid for 90 days from activating the Prepaid card. To extend the validity period, the card must be topped up.
  • Minutes for outgoing calls do not include outgoing calls to short codes, numbers for added value services and/or other specialized services (including to numbers 131, *88 and other “star” type numbers, Musicall, etc.), to numbers from the 0700 range, to data and fax numbers, outgoing WAP calls.
  • All services are charged and billed according to the Universal Plus tariff plan conditions.
  • All prices are VAT incl.
  • For more information dial *88 or visit any A1 store in Bulgaria.

Universal Plus tariff plan

Items Price
Minute outgoing call to all national networks 0.45 BGN/min
Minute outgoing call to numbers in Family and Friends 0.25 BGN/min
Minute outgoing call to one VIP A1 mobile number 0.25 BGN/min
SMS to all national networks 0.25 BGN
MMS to all national networks 0.25 BGN
MB mobile internet in A1 Bulgaria mobile network 1.50 BGN/ MB
The charging method for voice services is per minute and every started minute is charged as a whole one. The charging method for mobile internet is per 20 KB (1 MB = 1024 KB).
  • All prices are VAT incl.

You get national minutes, A1 minutes and MB upon recharge with offer P2:

Recharged nominal

Automatic Recharge fee

A1 mobile minutes, National minutes and MB

Validity of minutes and MB

6 - 9 lv.

5.00 lv.

100 A1 mobile minutes

50 national minutes

550 MB

 30 days

10 lv. or more

200 A1 mobile minutes

100 national minutes

2000 MB


  • Minutes are valid to A1 Bulgaria mobile numbers.
  • All prices are VAT incl.
  • Offer P2 is in effect till 31.01.2019
  • You can deactivate P2 Offer via SMS with text Stop p2 to number 789.
  • To activate P2 offer, please send SMS text P2 to number 789.