А1 offers a broad portfolio of Mobile Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) Network Solutions to solve clients’ most pressing issues

A1 is the first telecom in Bulgaria to launch versatile Mobile IoT Network projects. A1 Bulgaria, along with its sister companies from A1 Group in Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, uses the Narrowband IoT technological standard due to its numerous advantages. Among them are better coverage, support of a massive number of connections, longer battery life. The main differentiators of the NB-IoT compared to other technologies – Lora and Sigfox are the guaranteed license spectrum, optimized data transfer and high level of security of the connection, excellent indoor coverage , availability of telecommunication infrastructure. NB-IoT facilitates industrial and enhances manufacturing applications and would be adopted for more sensitive applications requiring guaranteed quality of service.

A1 Bulgaria has developed a broad portfolio of mobile NB-IoT solutions to help businesses and public organizations tackle their most pressing issues via technology advancements. The telecom has already implemented numerous projects including monitoring of industrial water usage, monitoring of mineral water consumption, monitoring of air quality, smart waste management, intelligent city lights and smart parking. The company invests a lot in identifying the most suitable Mobile IoT applications to help businesses and public authorities optimize their processes, minimize costs and thus – develop and grow. Our vision is to enable the NB-IoT to deliver a world in which consumers and businesses enjoy rich new services, connected by an intelligent and secure mobile network. Leveraging advanced technologies, A1 contributes to the overall improvement of mindful resource usage and cleaner environment.